Reflections in Surabaya (February 2017)

This post was originally written on February 25, 2017.  It’s a rainy Saturday afternoon. I’m at home, listening to the thunder rolling above and giving thanks that in Surabaya, heavy rain doesn’t necessarily mean that the power will go out. Bob Dylan is sitting on my love seat, crooning his timeless tunes from my JBL … More Reflections in Surabaya (February 2017)

Inle Lake

The events in this post occurred in December 2016.  The whine of the engine shattered the pre-dawn silence, water rippling in our wake as if the sound itself had caused the disturbance. I pulled a borrowed woven blanket tighter around my shoulders, fingers wrapped in the fabric to seal out the chill. My eyes watered … More Inle Lake

Mike and Kelly’s Big Adventure: Bangkok and Phuket

It was almost midnight when I reached the platform of Phaya Thai station. Only a few other passengers were waiting, alone and in pairs, in the humid night air. Some had suitcases, others were still wearing their work uniforms. No one talked. The last train arrived and we midnight riders boarded in silence. The automatic … More Mike and Kelly’s Big Adventure: Bangkok and Phuket

Days like today

Days like today make me mourn the shortness of my time remaining in Indonesia. Days like today make me wish I was in it for the long haul, wish that I had time to nurture the relationships that are just now starting to bud. Days like today make me already feel the regret of leaving … More Days like today