The Final Countdown: Farewell Prep

Whether I like it or not, it’s happening: next weekend I’ll be leaving my friends and adopted family(ies) in Pangkal Pinang behind. I’ve been getting better at them over the years, but good-byes are always a trial for the heart. These final weeks in Indonesia an emotional time, but thankfully they are also a busy … More The Final Countdown: Farewell Prep

Surprise Trip to North Bangka

Indonesia recognizes six official religions: Islam, Catholicism, Protestantism, Buddhism, Hinduism, and Confucianism. With this official status, Indonesia is (on paper at the very least) very accepting of different beliefs. More practically, Indonesia has a lot of public holidays as observed by all of these religions. A lot. What this means for me: I have plenty of days off. … More Surprise Trip to North Bangka

April Mop!

Earlier this month, I made the delightful/distressing discovery that April Fool’s Day is indeed celebrated in Indonesia. Here it is known as April Mop. Ever since I was young, I have enjoyed the occasional April Fool’s Day prank. The first prank I remember playing was taking all of the tissue/toilet paper/magazines/paper towels/newspapers/paper products and hiding … More April Mop!

Kartini Day

In Indonesia, today (April 21) is a day to celebrate education and all the girls who run the world. It’s Kartini Day, and lots of activity was afoot at SMAN3 Pangkal Pinang today. But first, who is Kartini? In a sentence, she is a famous Javanese woman who lived during the turn of the nineteenth century … More Kartini Day

U.S. History Poster Projects: Bringing the USA to the Classroom

“Who can tell me, what is this event?” Over a dozen hands shoot up in the air, faces eager to answer. I call on a girl in the back. “Statue of Liberty!” she answers confidently. Ma’am Isnaini smiles and hands her a coveted Tootsie Roll, candy all the way from A – Mer – I … More U.S. History Poster Projects: Bringing the USA to the Classroom

What do “butter,” “naked,” and “lawyer” have in common?

No, this isn’t the set up for a joke. And no, these aren’t the ingredients for a funny/horror story of being greased up and naked and then needing a lawyer while here in Indonesia. No, these are just some of the latest vocabulary words that came in a recent conversation with Ibu Evi, Bella, and … More What do “butter,” “naked,” and “lawyer” have in common?

The Great Flood of Pangkal Pinang

Originally posted on Indonesiaful:
— Written by Kelly Fitzgerald, Photography and Conclusion by Caitlin Jordan — News of Indonesia rarely reaches the U.S. unless something sensational like executions or elections happen. For this reason, I doubt that the disaster that afflicted our home here earlier this month made the news overseas. Bangka Island and Pangkal Pinang — the provincial…