“If you are brave enough to say good-bye…

…life will reward you with a new hello.” ~ Paolo Coelho I first saw this quote handwritten on a place mat in Siem Reap, Cambodia. This place mat, colorful and inviting, lured me to a table in the second-floor reading nook of Sister Srey Cafe. Outside an adjacent window, the mid-morning sun was reaching its bright golden fingers through … More “If you are brave enough to say good-bye…

GRE Tomorrow

Hello Lovely Readers, Apologies for the long absence. As mentioned in the previous post, the countdown continues and can be completed with only two hands…! I have quite a few updates, especially pre-departure tips and ideas that may be useful to anyone who is about to have a similar experience. But for the moment, I just wanted … More GRE Tomorrow

Countdown Continues

My dear readers, Summer marches on, and each sunset brings me one day closer to Indonesia. There is a lot to do in the meanwhile: – Bahasa Indonesia language study – Visa application – GRE – Purge stuff – Family bonding – Applications … You get the picture. I don’t have a coherent idea for … More Countdown Continues


Hello Dear Readers, It seems I am in a new place every time I post something here, which is pretty much true. This summer has been filled with adventure thus far, and the adventure continues in Colorado at this very moment. I am in Salida, Colorado for a family reunion and to satisfy some adrenaline … More Colorado

Placement and PDO

Hello Dear Readers, I have a backlog of things to share (Bonnaroo! Road trip home! GRE! Goals for summer!) but for the moment I’ll touch on two that are recent and relevant for the subject of this blog: placement and Pre-Departure Orientation (PDO). For the first: Placement. Whenever I tell people that I am going … More Placement and PDO

Bonnaroo or Bust!

I write to you now from a Starbucks in somewheresville, North Georgia. I left Tampa yesterday in the late morning and am slowly but surely making my way North. My final days in Tampa were bustling, what with packing, saying way too many good byes, and getting a little bit of work done somewhere in … More Bonnaroo or Bust!