GRE Tomorrow

Hello Lovely Readers,

Apologies for the long absence. As mentioned in the previous post, the countdown continues and can be completed with only two hands…! I have quite a few updates, especially pre-departure tips and ideas that may be useful to anyone who is about to have a similar experience. But for the moment, I just wanted to touch bases to say that:

  1. I am super excited! I got my visa last week and my flights will be confirmed in the next couple of days, so this trip is about as “official” as it can get until I dig my sandal-ed toes into Indonesian dirt.
  2. Packing is beginning in earnest. I am shopping for oleh-oleh (gifts) for everyone and anyone I meet in my community. More details on that later. gre
  3. The Big Day (one of many) is tomorrow: Test Day for the GRE. I’ve been using my trusty Kaplan prep guide to study all summer. This book was well-worth the 25 bucks I spent on it. My test is tomorrow morning at 9:30, so I plan on getting a good night’s sleep, leaving plenty early, and doing some mental relaxing between now and then. While I can always take the test again later, I won’t be able to do so for another year, don’t want to study again, and it costs $200 per test. So let’s be one and done with it, shall we?

Wish me luck, and I promise to write again soon!

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