Countdown Continues

My dear readers,

Summer marches on, and each sunset brings me one day closer to Indonesia. There is a lot to do in the meanwhile:

– Bahasa Indonesia language study

– Visa application


– Purge stuff

– Family bonding

– Applications

… You get the picture. I don’t have a coherent idea for this post, really. Just wanted to muse over the fact that I am moving to Indonesia in less than a month. I picked out a flight yesterday, and next week I will go to the consulate in downtown Chicago to apply for a visa. It is surreal now and will continue to be surreal when I get there. In fact, I predict the reality of it won’t set in until the final month I am there. Such is life.


2 thoughts on “Countdown Continues

  1. You lead an amazing life, miss Kelly! I think you should start writing a book of all of your amazing experiences and how they change you. You grow with each new adventure and you could start in short story form (you already have a good start) and then later into a novel. I’ll buy it!


  2. Congrats Kelly on passing the “gruh”. I trust you “smelled” the testing area prior to taking it as the prepatory video suggested. Writing a book is a great idea. You will have to devote at least one chapter about your crazy family. Safe travels.


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