English My No Work Good Today

…. But that doesn’t mean my Bahasa Indonesia is working any better. In the past week, I have thought to myself “I’m just not feelin’ the Bahasa today” more than I care to admit. I wonder if I have hit my first language-learning plateau. Sometimes I have little triumphs, where I remember a new vocab … More English My No Work Good Today

Some Indonesiaful News

During orientation, I received some exciting news from Chris Linnan, a returning ETA, that I was chosen to be Co-Editor-in-Chief for Indonesiaful.com during the 2015-2016 grant period. Indonesiaful was started in 2012 by a then-ETA and has been maintained by current ETAs ever since. As the title implies, I will be co-editing the website with … More Some Indonesiaful News

Immigration Part 1

“You have to go to the police station now.” Pak Elvan informed me between classes this morning. “Now?” I hadn’t the faintest idea why this trip was required, but as a general rule it is better to go along with instructions from my school first and ask questions later. As last-minute as things seem sometimes, … More Immigration Part 1