It’s almost 4 p.m. on a Friday afternoon. I am sitting on the rug in┬ámy living room using a box as a desk/table for my tablet. The TV is on. There are 4 channels that play music relatively continuously: a K-pop (Korean pop music) channel, an Indonesian channel that is mostly sorrowful love songs, MTV … More HACKED

Two Months In: Q&A

Exactly two months ago I was somewhere in the sky over the northernmost reaches of the Pacific Ocean. On one hand, it is hard to believe that it has been ONLY two months. On the other, I can’t believe that it has been two WHOLE months. But the calendar is indisputable: it has been EXACTLY … More Two Months In: Q&A

My Weekend Recap: Markets, Girl Scouts, Kittens, and More

Somehow, another week has come and gone. It is Sunday evening in PKP, which means that another glorious week of teaching, learning, and erratic scheduling awaits tomorrow morning. I’ll start my recap of the weekend with Friday afternoon, during which I accompanied my headmistress to see a doctor. Don’t be alarmed; this was not a … More My Weekend Recap: Markets, Girl Scouts, Kittens, and More

“Alhamdulillah!” We Have Electricity!

This evening, Jalan Melangir (my street) had its first power outage. With neither pomp nor circumstance, the lights on my block blinked out. Prior to coming to Indonesia, I was told that rolling blackouts were a common occurence and that I should prepare lesson plans accordingly. Thankfully, I haven’t had to deal with challenges posed … More “Alhamdulillah!” We Have Electricity!