24 Hours in the Big, Bad City

Yesterday I returned to Pangkal Pinang from a 24 hour trip to Jakarta to attend a luncheon at the U.S. ambassador’s house to celebrate Thanksgiving. I had been planning on attending after Ambassador Blake personally invited us ETAs during orientation in Bandung, though my travel plans weren’t finalized until last Thursday. Even American holidays happen … More 24 Hours in the Big, Bad City

Happy Teachers’ Day / Thanksgiving

Nearly seven months ago, I completed my Bachelor’s degree the University of Tampa. Though I am TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) certified, prior to Indonesia I had very little practical experience teaching. November 25 is a national holiday in Indonesia — Hari Guru [Teacher Day] — and during the celebrations yesterday I … More Happy Teachers’ Day / Thanksgiving

Zombie Run

Indonesia reached a new level of awesome today thanks to Babel Entertainment (Babel = Bangka-Belitung, my province) and the epic Zombie Run that they held at BBG (Bangka Botanical Gardens) this morning. This event combined some of my favorite things: loud music, getting dirty, beautiful nature, communal exercise, lot of laughter, and — of course … More Zombie Run

Rubber Time

For a country where watches are must-have accessories, Indonesians generally run on jam karet, or rubber time. Despite the fact that the actual time is only a quick glance at your wrist (or at one of the several phones that are always in reach) away, the “real” time just… well, punctuality is not exactly one … More Rubber Time

Weddings, Bangka Style

Love is in the air. It is wedding season in Indonesia, and my fellow ETAs have been sharing about their experiences with Indonesian weddings across the archipelago. From Manado to Malang to Gorontalo, us bules have run the gamut of wedding experiences. It is no different in Pangkal Pinang. Prior to this year, I have … More Weddings, Bangka Style

Immigration Part 2

It has taken months, more trips to the immigration/other offices than I can count on two hands, and many appeals to the heavens…. But at long last, the Immigration Saga has reached a happy ending. I have my KITAS (Kartu Izin Tinggal Terbatas = Limited Stay Permit Card) as well as a MERP (Multiple Re-Entry … More Immigration Part 2