Last Two Three Tuesdays ago, I was asked by my school (Ibu Evi, specifically) if I had ever been Belitung. Last Two Three Wednesdays ago, I was asked by Ibu Evi for my full name. Last Two Three Thursdays ago, I was taken on a surprise visit to Belitung with Ibu Evi and Ibu Kun, my headmistress. It was a … More Belitung

Mail Time!

My posting spree over the extended school holiday continues! I just arrived home from a quick visit to school to a) pick up some packages that Ibu Evi called me about yesterday (thanks Mom, Dad, and Aunt Betsy); b) make some plans for a birthday bash I want to host next weekend; and c) pay … More Mail Time!


This post serves two purposes. 1) I am checking the capability of WordPress to host embedded YouTube videos. If successful, will soon have some fabulous video footage of ETAs in action in Indonesia. If successful, this will be my first time trying to do anything with the Internet that is not a built-in feature. … More “Bento”

The 3 Month Slump

The “3 Month Slump” is a phenomenon that I have been observing in the blogs kept by other ETAs. From loneliness to injuries to outright culture shock, my fellow Fulbrighters have had the grace and gumption to share their stories online with the world. We have all had our own challenges, a fact that I … More The 3 Month Slump