Mail Time!

My posting spree over the extended school holiday continues! I just arrived home from a quick visit to school to a) pick up some packages that Ibu Evi called me about yesterday (thanks Mom, Dad, and Aunt Betsy); b) make some plans for a birthday bash I want to host next weekend; and c) pay for November’s internet usage. Our beloved WiFi is expensive by Indonesian standards: 423,000rp, which equals about 30 bucks. Caitlin and I agreed that paying $15 each per month is beyond worth it to have reliable internet.

Right now we are getting some housekeeping stuff done and I *hope* I will finally buy my plane tickets to Thailand today. Later this afternoon Caitlin and I will join our new adventure club friends on a trip to the hutan, which means jungle and I honestly don’t know what to expect. But it will be fun and there will be nothing but nature and bahasa Indonesia, which has me pretty stoked. And if I get home in time I have been invited to join one of my friends at his car club meeting. While joining other ETAs in a group trip to Flores (I’m actually a little jealous) would have been fun, there is something to be said for staying at my site and catching up on all the things I wanted to do during the year but never had time for.

Celebrating the arrival of mail in the teacher's office!
Celebrating the arrival of mail in the teacher’s office! Thanks Aunt Anna for the Christmas card, Uncle Ezell for the postcard (from Japan!), and mis padres for the Halloween goodies that launched our Halloween bash back in October. 

But here’s the thing that I really wanted to post about: mail! It has been confirmed that I TOTALLY CAN GET MAIL HERE!! Thank you to everyone who has sent postcards, letters, and packages. You have no idea how excited I get when these things show up on my desk at school. It seems to take about 2-4 weeks for mail to arrive, but now that my school knows the drill I am no longer worried about my mail languishing in some dark corner of an unused office. I am using everything you send to decorate my bedroom door. I am not allowed to put holes in the walls and tape rips the paint off (learned that one the hard way….) so my mail is the only decoration in my room thus far.

Home sweet home -- from here I can go anywhere!
Home sweet home — from here I can go anywhere!

So thank you thank you thank to my wonderful friends and family who have sent me mail!! And if anyone reading this wants to send something my way, I am guaranteed to be here until May 22, 2016 and my mailing address is:

Kelly Fitzgerald

SMAN3 Pangkal Pinang

JL. K.H. Abdul Rasyid

Kel Keramet

Pangkal Pinang, Bangka



Postcards are proving to be harder than expected to find (i.e. they are nonexistent at my non-touristy site) but if you send something to me I guarantee a response postcard before I leave! ❤ ❤ ❤

4 thoughts on “Mail Time!

  1. Nice KJ. Keep the online posts coming and we will keep the mail posts coming too. It is cool that we can be up to the minute on this internet! I think its going to be big someday.
    Love Daddio


  2. I’m so glad you posted your address! Though, I’m not all that great at letter writing, I will try to get some things off to you from time to time! Happy Birthday! Have fun and eat lots of cake on your special day.
    Love ya,


  3. When do you leave?

    Stacey Fonseca
    Sr. Assoc. Dir. Of Enrollment Mgt.

    University of Tampa
    Office of Admissions
    Office: 813-253-6211
    Cell: 813-422-3723

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  4. Hello Frauline, were still trying to get along without you. I have to remind uncle Ezell to use only a pencil whith for rinsing dishes and that we recycle cans and paper. ‘ He talks about you as much as I do. Maybe more.
    I’m not entirely sorry to see the holidays go. We went to a bunch of very nice parties and had a few of our own. We decorated the tree the day after thanksgiving per tradition. I probably told you how Dilling and gang decorated exactly half the tree. Very Funny. The weather here has been amazing. The trees are blooming already. Spring is sprining. Ezell is in California for two weeks, home one day, then off to NYC for a week. Home in time for Gasparilla. Jim Walters is not having a party FYI.
    I am in awe of the experiences you’re enjoying in your life and the effects they will have on your future. Just the variety of emotions will make your decisions so much better. Keep us posted on new developments . We love you. Uncle Dave Fla.


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