This post serves two purposes.

1) I am checking the capability of WordPress to host embedded YouTube videos. If successful, Indonesiaful.com will soon have some fabulous video footage of ETAs in action in Indonesia. If successful, this will be my first time trying to do anything with the Internet that is not a built-in feature. If successful, I will owe a huge thank you to Michael Miller, my fellow ETA and the one who sent me some instructions for how to go about embedding videos in WordPress. Whether it works or not, you rock Michael!

These are a new group of friends that I recently became acquainted with over karaoke. They went wild when I started singing without looking at the prompter.
These are a new group of friends that I recently became acquainted with over karaoke. They went wild when I started singing without looking at the prompter.

2) My favorite Indonesian song is “Bento” by Iwan Fals. The first time I heard this song I was with Caitlin, Manggo, and Lya at a theater performance at alun-alun (the central park of PKP). The performance had ended, we had taken photos with everyone and their brother (not exaggerating) and we had even been up on stage to do a little dance with all of the performers. It was time to go home, and we were exiting stage left. And then “Bento” came on the speakers. I liked it instantly and paused mid-step, listening for more. Once the first chorus was over (i.e. when they get to the “ASYIK!” part) I was running back to the group of young people who were still bopping up and down and dancing to the music.

When the song ended and Manggo was finally able to tear me away of dancers, I begged her for the name of the song. It has a political meaning and is a commentary on the extravagences of the wealthy and corrupt. Eager to understand, I wrote and translated all of the lyrics and listened to the song on a loop, the process of which has become a new hobby with the dual purpose of helping me learn more vocabulary as well as proper pronunciation for a growing list of lagu Indonesia [Indonesian songs].

Now I am able to sing “Bento” without looking at the lyrics or even hearing the music. To anyone else looking for a way to endear yourself to your Indonesian community: look no further then learning a few songs by heart. Just watch who you tell because you never know when you’ll be pulled on stage to sing!

So without further adieu I (hopefully) bring you and embedded version of “Bento”:

6 thoughts on ““Bento”

  1. I just checked to see if the video works from Caitlin’s computer and I think I’m in luck! Please comment if the video doesn’t work for you. A HUGE thank you to Michael Miller for showing me the secrets of the Internet!


  2. HI Kelly,
    I tried it earlier on my Kindle. Just tried again on my computer and it worked, Nice song. Just want to make sure that video was music in the background with words scrolling. I was looking for you to sing Bento:)) Love, Mom


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