Hello Dear Readers,

It seems I am in a new place every time I post something here, which is pretty much true. This summer has been filled with adventure thus far, and the adventure continues in Colorado at this very moment. I am in Salida, Colorado for a family reunion and to satisfy some adrenaline cravings. We are rafting Royal Gorge on Thursday, which has some Class 5 rapids that promise to be quite the thrill. I have also looked into hanggliding and bungee jumping. The former needs a little more planning, so I’ll save that for next time. The bungee jumping is a maybe though…

Adrenaline hunting aside, it has been great to connect with family this week. We are renting a beautiful house that I really don’t want to leave. After all, who would want to leave when this is the view from two story windows inside and a hot tub outside:


Beautiful! And the town of Salida isn’t so bad either. There are plenty of hiking trails, clean air, active locals, and a charming downtown area. I am camped out at a small coffee shop (cash only) enjoying a latte and watching the town go by outside. Coffee, my tablet, and a notebook are companions that will travel with me for some time to come.


In other news, I took the the Foreign Service Officer Test (FSOT) earlier this summer. I didn’t study for it and honestly took it to set a baseline score. But the results are in and… I passed! So what does that mean? It means that I get to advance to the next round in the application process to work for the U.S. Department of State. The next round is submitting essays that I have three weeks to write. I don’t know how far in the process I will go, though I suppose all I can do is take things one step at a time.

One thought on “Colorado

  1. I haven’t been to Colorado yet, but I have been dying to do some exploring. I hear nothing but good things for hiking, rafting, and skydiving. I’m so happy to hear that you passed your exam and I’m looking forward to hear how the rest of the application process goes. I’ll be scheduling my exam here within the next month and I hope I have just as much luck as you! How awesome would it be if we could be coworkers? I’m sure time is flying by fast and you’ll be off to Indonesia soon. I’ll be looking forward to sending you postcards. Cheers.


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