The Great Flood of Pangkal Pinang

Caitlin and I decided to polish my previously posted article about the flood in PKP on Indonesiaful. Check out this new post to read more about the flood and hear how things are going now.


— Written by Kelly Fitzgerald, Photography and Conclusion by Caitlin Jordan —

News of Indonesia rarely reaches the U.S. unless something sensational like executions or elections happen. For this reason, I doubt that the disaster that afflicted our home here earlier this month made the news overseas. Bangka Island and Pangkal Pinang — the provincial capital and our home here in Indonesia — experienced the worst flood in living memory. The closest comparison was in 1986, before any of our students were even a twinkle in their parents’ eyes.

Most of Indonesia only experiences two seasons: hot-n-dry and hot-n-wet. When we first arrived last August, Pangkal Pinang was in the peak of musim kemarau [dry season]. The reservoir under the bridge on my way to school was completely dry; nothing but a bed of cracked mud with pools of sludgy brown water that grew smaller by the day. Wells…

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