How To Be Vegetarian In Indonesia

Originally posted on Indonesiaful:
— By Kelly Fitzgerald — Those ubiquitous, uniquely Indonesian mealboxes are dangerous territory for vegetarians. If you’ve ever lived in Indonesia, you know the ones: usually found at large events and always come with rice, one of those stabby-straw cup waters, and say Selamat Menikmati! [Enjoy!] or Terima Kasih [Thank You]…

April Mop!

Earlier this month, I made the delightful/distressing discovery that April Fool’s Day is indeed celebrated in Indonesia. Here it is known as April Mop. Ever since I was young, I have enjoyed the occasional April Fool’s Day prank. The first prank I remember playing was taking all of the tissue/toilet paper/magazines/paper towels/newspapers/paper products and hiding … More April Mop!

Kartini Day

In Indonesia, today (April 21) is a day to celebrate education¬†and all the girls who run the world. It’s Kartini Day, and lots of activity was afoot at SMAN3 Pangkal Pinang today. But first, who is Kartini? In a sentence, she is a famous Javanese woman who lived during the turn of the nineteenth century … More Kartini Day

U.S. History Poster Projects: Bringing the USA to the Classroom

“Who can tell me, what is this event?” Over a dozen hands shoot up in the air, faces eager to answer. I call on a girl in the back. “Statue of Liberty!” she answers confidently. Ma’am Isnaini smiles and hands her a coveted Tootsie Roll, candy all the way from A – Mer – I … More U.S. History Poster Projects: Bringing the USA to the Classroom