The Final Countdown: Farewell Prep

Whether I like it or not, it’s happening: next weekend I’ll be leaving my friends and adopted family(ies) in Pangkal Pinang behind. I’ve been getting better at them over the years, but good-byes are always a trial for the heart. These final weeks in Indonesia an emotional time, but thankfully they are also a busy … More The Final Countdown: Farewell Prep

Surprise Trip to North Bangka

Indonesia recognizes six official religions: Islam, Catholicism,¬†Protestantism,¬†Buddhism,¬†Hinduism, and Confucianism. With this official status, Indonesia is (on paper at the very least) very accepting of different beliefs. More practically, Indonesia has a lot of public holidays as observed by all of these religions. A lot. What this means for me: I have plenty of days off. … More Surprise Trip to North Bangka