What do “butter,” “naked,” and “lawyer” have in common?

No, this isn’t the set up for a joke. And no, these aren’t the ingredients for a funny/horror story of being greased up and naked and then needing a lawyer while here in Indonesia. No, these are just some of the latest vocabulary words that came in a recent conversation with Ibu Evi, Bella, and … More What do “butter,” “naked,” and “lawyer” have in common?

The Great Flood of Pangkal Pinang

Originally posted on Indonesiaful:
— Written by Kelly Fitzgerald, Photography and Conclusion by Caitlin Jordan — News of Indonesia rarely reaches the U.S. unless something sensational like executions or elections happen. For this reason, I doubt that the disaster that afflicted our home here earlier this month made the news overseas. Bangka Island and Pangkal Pinang — the provincial…