Time is on my side…?

Currently I am in the Hanoi Backpacker’s Hostel – the central headquarters of Hanoi for loud, young, beer-loving backpackers. I just got back from the tour of Halong Bay, which was lovely though now that I am back and comparing prices I realize that I seriously overpaid for the two-night trip. Was it worth it? … More Time is on my side…?

Images of Singapore

The colonial ties in Singapore are still strongly felt. Everyone speaks English, and some ties are still felt as this nifty motorbike parked in Little India may suggest. Teh C (tea with sugar and condensed milk) is a popular drink in Singapore. I tried this cup out of a cute cafe in the Arab District. … More Images of Singapore

Lonely Planet

In Singapore, my copy of Lonely Planet’s Pocket Guide to Singapore was invaluable. The maps were excellent and most (but not all – a notable exception was half of the red circle line subway map was missing) of the information was good and up-to-date. I made much use of it. That said, Singapore is a … More Lonely Planet

Singapore: Day 3

Another day, another Internet café. For now. This morning I was at the Tekka market again, trying out Singaporean toast: Two pieces of white, decrusted bread with a sweet, honey-like spread sandwiched between with butter. I think they also add eggs and coconut sometimes. Then I had some seasoned chickpeas and… it begins. Stomach is … More Singapore: Day 3

Landed in Singapore

Greetings from Singapore! After many hours of travel, I safely made it to Singapore in the wee hours of the morning. Long flights are, well, long, but this trip was not particularly painful. No fussy babies, for which I believe the whole plane was thankful. Once the sun began to rise, I hopped on the … More Landed in Singapore