Singapore: Day 3

Another day, another Internet café. For now. This morning I was at the Tekka market again, trying out Singaporean toast: Two pieces of white, decrusted bread with a sweet, honey-like spread sandwiched between with butter. I think they also add eggs and coconut sometimes. Then I had some seasoned chickpeas and… it begins. Stomach is kind of in knots but nothing a little water and rest can’t fix. So I slept it off and here I am! At another Internet café, this time in Little India. This street is only wide enough for two cars and all the pastel colonial buildings are covered in store signs and advertisements.

Next stop for today: Sentosa Island! Since it is Sunday here (the only day off for many laborers) everything will be crowded, but there is nothing wrong with rubbing elbows with the locals. But first I will visit the Southern Ridges, which is a canopy-level jungle walk from what I can understand. The images seem pretty fantastic – can’t wait to check it out. Here’s a random one from the net:


There is a gondola connecting the ridges to Sentosa, which may be a fun experience. However, Singapore is a cloudy place! I got drenched walking home from the market this morning. As insurance, I am bringing an umbrella this time. Hopefully it will clear up enough to see the sunset over the water, then back to Little India it is.

Much love!

PS In the future I hope to post more about culture and stories and pictures (sorry I did not have the foresight to bring my SD card reader as I would love to post and comment on them. I will be working on this obstacle.) but for now travel diary it is.

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