Lonely Planet

In Singapore, my copy of Lonely Planet’s Pocket Guide to Singapore was invaluable. The maps were excellent and most (but not all – a notable exception was half of the red circle line subway map was missing) of the information was good and up-to-date. I made much use of it. That said, Singapore is a … More Lonely Planet

Singapore: Day 3

Another day, another Internet cafĂ©. For now. This morning I was at the Tekka market again, trying out Singaporean toast: Two pieces of white, decrusted bread with a sweet, honey-like spread sandwiched between with butter. I think they also add eggs and coconut sometimes. Then I had some seasoned chickpeas and… it begins. Stomach is … More Singapore: Day 3

Landed in Singapore

Greetings from Singapore! After many hours of travel, I safely made it to Singapore in the wee hours of the morning. Long flights are, well, long, but this trip was not particularly painful. No fussy babies, for which I believe the whole plane was thankful. Once the sun began to rise, I hopped on the … More Landed in Singapore