Love Letter

I love a man in uniform. Tight shirt, pressed pants, polished shoes.

I love a man in uniform. But my man doesn’t wear those things. He wears a green jacket, dark jeans, and flip-flops. Or sometimes he doesn’t wear a uniform at all. He could be anyone, but I know it is HIM when our eyes meet, the same question on the tip of our tongues:


We have our own routine: he gives me a mask and a helmet, I give him directions. I give him colorful rupiah, he gives me freedom to explore. Together we ride through the narrow back alleys, where kilometer by kilometer my mental map is taking form.

Together we ride, and I am learning his moods. Sometimes he is full of questions and we wish the journey was longer. Sometimes we exchange no more than greetings and after that only the wind speaks.

It is a special relationship we have, he and I. Come May it will break my heart to leave him. But leave him I must, and so he shall stay forever in my memory as…


Thanks for everything so far, men of GoJek. My life is infinitely better now that you’re a part of it.

Note: this is written in jest/homage to GoJek. GoJek is an app like Uber that is predominantly used for motorcycles, although it has many other features ranging from food delivery to cleaning services. Due to the insane volume of traffic in Sidoarjo/Surabaya GoJek is my main form of transportation. So don’t worry, mom. I’m not running away with a GoJek driver.

3 thoughts on “Love Letter

  1. Kelly Kelly Kelly, you love to mess with your family’s head. Isn’t that why we love you so. Sounds like you’re in a better place this post . Life has a way of teaching us so much so fast. Uncle Ezell has been riding more since he’s had his motorcycle 🏍 upgraded. Same bike, just more cycle bling. He’s back from Spain and Portugal. Now he’s off to Atlanta, them Amsterdam and on to Paris. I’m home painting. I’ve come upon a new contemporary style which is faster and completely different. Love you very much! Uncle Daves

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    1. Hello Dahlink! Yes, I was feeling much better when I wrote that post. Go-Jek always makes me feel better, especially since the traffic is way too crazy for me to even consider driving myself. That Uncle Ezell sure gets around. If he ever heads my way let me know!I’m at one of my favorite cafes now eating noodles and drinking a green tea float. Overall life is good. Sending you love!
      The Fraulein


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