Snapchats of Jogjakarta: Day 1

“Have you heard of this thing called Snapchat?” I ask Krupa teasingly. She laughs and rolls her eyes like I am a mischievious child escaping reprimand. Of course she has heard of Snapchat–she (among several other ETAs) were the ones who taught me how to use the app. “You’e created a monster!” I continue to tease, knowing full well that my newfound obsession is a bother to no one even though I “Snap like a mom,” according to Anna (another ETA in Labuan Bajo).

I imagine that most people reading this will have heard of the photo/video-sharing app now valued at $25 billion USD. If you (like me) are just tuning in now, here is the Wikipedia page and Snapchat’s official website where you can learn more.

Okay, Kelly. You think you’re cool because you are on Snapchat. But what does this have to do with anything? you may be thinking to yourself. I am hyping up Snapchat because during my recent trip to Jogjakarta I captured (almost) the entire experience in photos and videos using this app. Usually photos and videos disappear after 24 hours, but thanks to the new option to save your story, I was able to not only save my Snaps but also put them on YouTube! Now my “mom Snaps” are out there for the whole world to see. Laugh if you will, but I must say this is a highly effective way to capture memories.

What follows are photos, videos, and some writing about my AMAZING trip to Jogjakarta, the capital of culture and arts in Indonesia. I was going to put the entire trip in one post but it turns out I have more to say than I thought. So I am breaking it up into a day-by-day account. For now, enjoy my stories from…



Leaving Surabaya: I had my bags packed the night before and a Gojek friend was waiting for me early in the morning. We hit some traffic on the way, which is to be expected in Indonesia’s second city. I still made it on time for the train, which is perhaps the most punctual mode of transportation in Indonesia.

The train departs and arrives at exactly the time shown on these tickets.
The train departs and arrives at exactly the time shown on these tickets.

Riding the train: The train ride between Surabaya and Jogjakarta is 5.5 hours. I spent it blogging about Malang, sleeping, wearing my bule disguise, and watching a romance unfold between two toddlers.

Checking out Jogja: Thank goodness Jogja has Gojek! I stayed at Osctic House hostel which is highly recommended and has a convenient location so transportation was not too expensive. I had no plans for the day so I went to the Affandi Museum where I bought tons of notecards. After that I tried to see more of the city but rain sent me home for a nap.

Late night activities: I brought my notecards to Taphouse Beer Garden and wrote a couple long-overdue letters. Rain kept most people home, plus I was out on a Thursday night so it wasn’t too crowded. Then I stumbled over to Lucifer for some live music and got some kwetiau [thick and delicious rice noodles] on the way.


New friends at Ostic House: The travelers I met as well as the staff were fantastic! I can’t recommend this place enough and I will definitely stay here again when I’m passing through Jogja.

Affandi Museum: Taking pictures were an extra fee so I skipped that and bought postcards instead. A friendly dosen named Hamud showed me around the museum for no additional cost. He had a lot of great information that made me think more critically about the paintings.

Stay tuned for Day 2!

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