Valentine’s Day 2017

It is the evening of Valentine’s Day and I am spending it… in bed. I am happily jomblo [single], which is for the best because the rain outside combined with an oncoming flu have me feeling very malas [lazy]. From the comfort of my comforter, I want to wish all of my friends and family a very happy Valentine’s Day no matter where you are or who you’re spending it with!

In 2017, I spent Valentine’s Day at SMA Wachid Hasyim 2. This week in every class I am handing out little mint candies called “Kis,” which seemed the most appropriate choice for the day. Some of my eager male students were disappointed that it was not a real “kiss” from Miss Kelly, but they’ll have to make do until they are much, much older.

The women who I spend most of my non-teaching time with, the ibu-ibu of the curriculum development office, got chocolate bars with cute Valentine’s Day cards instead of “Kis” candies. My mom sent me these cards last year and I have just now had a chance to use them. The little cards came with cutesie sayings and button pins, which the ladies all promptly pinned on their hijabs. Note to anyone visiting Indonesia: funky/cute pins ALWAYS go over well, especially in Muslim areas.

So although I didn’t spend the day with any special someone, I did get to spend the day with many special people: namely, the teachers who are by my side through my many moods in Indonesia and–best of all–my brightest, most hard-working students. These students stayed after school with me to prepare for the WORDS Competition this upcoming Saturday. Right now, all of the love in my heart is for you guys. Keep up the good work and let’s make the next three months count! ❤

One thought on “Valentine’s Day 2017

  1. Happy Valentines my sweet Kelly. All is well here. The winter in Tampa has been like spring in Chicago.
    We’re glad you have a support system their
    . The family including your Dad and the Colorado Fitz’s were here and well, you can imagine it was a good time. The night parade was its usual riot of screams and beads. We were thinking about the year you joined us on the float. Such fond memories.
    I’ve been painting for a show I’m doing this spring. I’ve been working hard n abstract this past year . Nice to discover a different side of myself.
    Your Father was telling me he’s meeting you in South east Asia after your Fullbright is up. That will be some kind of fun. I love you both so much.
    Ezell and I are going to Michael Shines tonight( Valentines) for his annual desert party.
    We’re headed to the Gasparilla Music festival on March 12. Then on the 16th we’re going to meet Davids family in Key West for a long weekend.
    I think of You everyday and send you my best “vibes”. We can’t wait to see you again.
    Love ❤️Uncles Dave. Oxoxox


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