Upon Exiting: Images of Vietnam Part I

My time in Vietnam is slowly but surely coming to a close. I didn’t plan on being here for so long, but then again, what did I plan on? At the moment I am on an organized tour, so the next couple days are pretty well mapped out. The tour involves a lot of boats (the Mekong Delta is a good place to be a riverboat captain, dad. Just sayin’.) and getting shuffled from one touristy place to another, but it’s all part of the experience. 

I am glad that I stayed a couple extra days in Saigon to do my own thing and stay in one place for awhile. I was there for a full week, so I had time to get to know restaurants I liked and feel the rhythm of the city. Yesterday, my last day in the city, I lived it up and went to a museum, the zoo, the cinema (I wanted to see Vietnamese cinema but it was a Thai movie with subtitles. Even better! I was pleased that my language skills are still such that I could follow everything and even got (most) of the jokes, of which there are plenty even though it is a ghost movie. But there is always an element of humor in Thai creations, no matter the genre.), found a nice coffee table photo book of Vietnam for my Thai host family, got a massage, and free mojitos because it was lady’s night. Not a bad farewell to the city! It felt like my birthday. Then again, I am always good at finding reason to celebrate. 

And I know I will be back in Vietnam. This place speaks to me – I could still see staying here for longer in the future. But for now I am on a set course to Cambodia. I think I will spend at least a week there before moving on to catch up with my Thai host family and friend Anouk. After giving it some thought, I don’t think I will go to Laos this time around. Other travelers say wonderful things about it and that it is a pretty relaxed country with some exceptional cities in the north. I want to go, but at the moment I wouldn’t be able to take the time I want, especially since I want to spend a good month in India. There are daily flights from Bangkok to Goa (with a stopover in BOM Mumbia) that leave at 8:50 pm for $290. I will book something in the next couple weeks. 

And now for a couple pictures…

You skink!
You skink! Haha I am loving the animal life here. There are plenty of skinks, which are lizards that are popular in the pet industry because of their docile nature.

Working the streets
If I were to become a fruit vendor working the streets, I might look something like this. A lady bamboozled me into getting this picture taken and then buying some pineapple, but I think it was worth it.

Nixon poster
Of everything that is hawked to tourists here, I think I enjoy the old propaganda posters the most. This one was in a museum. The caption is something like “Nixon owes us a debt of blood” or something like that. Some of these posters can quite creative.

Ello poppet
This lady would fit right in at Gasparilla – for her teeth at least. Apparently blackened teeth are a sign of beauty in certain tribe cultures. Girls will start to paint there teeth upon hitting puberty. Smile, poppet!

Fourth of July
In the “Fourth of July in Nam” post I mentioned my festivities for the day. Sitting on the beach with a coconut was one…

… And biking around Hoi An was another. Cheers to independence and diplomacy!

2 thoughts on “Upon Exiting: Images of Vietnam Part I

  1. I love the pics. What a pretty addition you make to Vietnam (and the money you had to pay the lady for the pineapple and picture was worth it for sure.)! Ahh, biking around, you’ll be doing that at Oxford too. Now, on to Cambodia.
    I love you and miss you.


  2. KJ , i should like to captain a Riverboat in Viet Nam. But that picture of you as a fruit seller makes me’s think you have found your calling m’dear. What lovely choices for you to show us. Happy are you. Love it.


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