Assorted Images of Cambodia

Flashback! At the moment I am still in Yasothon and haven’t made any plans whatsoever for my departure on Monday. I will deal with the future tomorrow. But first a pre-drafted post with more pictures of Cambodia…

It seems that I did quite a bit of up-to-the-minute picture posting while in Cambodia but there are a few more that I would like to share, in no particular order.

I don’t even remember what this building was. I think the National Museum….? That sounds about right.
Phnom Penh certainly had a bit of a gritty feel to it, which is somewhat captured by the graffiti here and the texture of the walls.
Welcome to Cambodia! Driving from the border to Phnom Penh, our van got a flat tire. All the men puffed up and tried to do their masculie duty. I waited in the shade until it was fixed. Yes, I’m a Girl Scout, but I never earned that merit badge.
Early morning pagoda in Phnom Penh.
My toasty meal on the road to recovery! It was really good toast too. It took an hour to eat while my tummy worked on digestion and my hand worked on writing a wistful postcard. Hopefully the postal system pulls through here and it gets to its recipient. Outside the window, tuk tuk drivers stand at the ready to hawk a ride to any foreign passerby.
One afternoon I was walking along the river in Siem Reap and stopped to observe a house that was positively blasting music. There was a collection of speakers in the front facing outward, thumping all kinds of music with a strong beat. Visible in the gated yard of the house was a crowd of young children, all bouncing and dancing to the beat. Near the river, a woman squatted in the grass and bathed herself with bowlfuls of water from a pump. Once clean, she ran over and scooped up this little kid and started dancing with him. A really skinny fellow next to her also grooves to the beat, though it looks like he might want to save a few calories.
One afternoon, I took a pottery class on a whim. It was fun to get a little messy and do something craftsy…
… I made a plate, a cup, a bowl, and a vase. With help, of course. The course only lets you fire one piece, so I chose the vase and did a little decorating on it with the intention of giving it to my Thai host mother.
Pancake vendor! It is less of a pancake as known in the U.S. and more of a fried piece of dough with lots of butter, condensed milk topping, and fillings like banana or Nutella. These pancakes are popular in Southern Thailand as well in the touristy spots.

One thought on “Assorted Images of Cambodia

  1. Hi Kelly. Though I don’t reply often, I have been following your journey. My, you are such a brave and adventurous soul. You are missed here in the US.
    Hugs, LISA


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