Beginnings: The Bike Ballet

One week and roughly 6000 miles later, I find myself a world away from the sweaty wanderings in Asia. I am now in Oxford, England about to begin a rigorous but rewarding semester of study in the subjects of ethnomusicology and immigration. Term doesn’t begin for another week or so, so at the moment I … More Beginnings: The Bike Ballet

Bangkok: The Ultimate

Bangkok is quite the sprawling metropolis, a fact best driven home by riding the skytrain or, if one is lucky enough, going to the top of one of the tall buildings. From the train you can see flashes of golden temples, parks, tin housing projects, gated communities, and, in the city, building after building. The … More Bangkok: The Ultimate

Moon Fever

On September nineteenth, a lot of people somewhere in Thailand where collectively preparing for an epic hangover. The nineteenth was the full moon, and Thailand is famous for Koh Pha Ngan’s full moon parties. This time around I skipped it and stayed in the North, where it seems I was no less affected by the … More Moon Fever

Chiang Rai

Enough days have passed while being here in Chiang Rai that I have lost track, allowing them to dreamily flow into one another like they did during the summers of childhood. If I had to stop and count, I would say that I have been here for… six days? Consulting my hand-drawn ledger would let … More Chiang Rai

From tubing to temples and (almost) everything in between

It has been over a week since my last post, and quite a bit of ground and water has been covered since then. So, what have I been up to? For ease of discussion, I will go chronologically. Below is a map of my location, with purple lines indicating travel by minivan/bus, the 90s-esque teal … More From tubing to temples and (almost) everything in between

Vang Vieng

At long last I am out of Savannakhet and have found myself in the town of Vang Vieng. Vang Vieng is about a four hour drive north of Vientiane, the capital, and is a popular backpacker destination. The reason is obvious: the confluence of water, mountains, and forest is stunning. This town is known for … More Vang Vieng