Starting to sound familiar…?

Two and a half weeks left of term and life is continuing in much the same fashion. I’m at the kitchen table, determined to draft an essay before I am due at a lecture at five. The reading for this week was considerable and saw me at the library from open to close for the past three days… And so on. Basically, being a student and attending to studently (new word?) duties has been more or less my sole focus (as it should be).

That said, I do take breaks and am getting up to other things, like tramping through the countryside (my shoes are still covered in mud) and going to improve comedy nights. Balance and priorities.

Tomorrow night I will be helping with a late-night event at the Pitt Rivers Museum. The information can be found here: and I believe they will be streaming the evening live as well. Basically the museum will be opened at night, the lights dimmed, people given flashlights, and they will then be free to explore the museum, which will be filled with sounds of the rainforest and Bayaka music. Based on past years thousands of people have come through over the course of the evening. It will be most excellent! There will be a briefing for student volunteers at the pub after the lecture tonight.

Other things on the immediate radar include a trip to Windsor Castle on Saturday, a visit to London to see some UT professors next Tuesday to Wednesday, and a practice in writing an ethnography thrown somewhere in there as well. And, of course, the inevitable reading and writing that comes with this territory. I won’t complain about writing assignments back at UT, that’s for sure!

Alas alas, this chapter is almost over. For the next few months life will come in two-week segments: two weeks left of term, two weeks to wrap things up in England, two weeks for family visiting in Chicago, and two weeks to settle back into Tampa before semester starts there. Not bad prospects, eh?

That’s all for now, though I do hope that no one is too adversely affected by this worldwide weather phenomenon. The Philippines tragedy, tornados in Illinois, storms in Scotland which is felt here in the form of artic breezes. Winter’s a-comin’…

One thought on “Starting to sound familiar…?

  1. Kelly, thanks for the post. So much happening so fast. Wish I could be at Pitt Rivers tonight. Enjoy the rest of your stay. We are looking forward to seeing you at the manor. Love Dad.


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