Parkinson’s Law

I just typed “work will fill the time allowed” into Google and discovered that there is in fact a way to describe this phenomenon: Parksinson’s Law. It would seem that in the past few weeks I have been demonstrating the truth of this law. The nature of the Oxford system is very independent, and you can work from sun up to sun down (which isn’t really that long since that sun starts setting around 3 p.m. but you know what I mean) day in and day out if you choose to do so. I have had a few breaks since the last post, such as going to London to visit UT professors and hosting Thanksgiving at my house, though it feels like I have spent most of my time either reading or writing, rereading and rewriting.

Alas alas, this term is drawing to a close. Tomorrow is my final tutorial for my Sociology and Immigration minor and my Ethnomusicology course will conclude on Sunday evening. And then… Freedom! For a couple weeks. I have some work for different leadership programs back at UT to which I must attend, but otherwise I will be busy museuming, exploring Oxford, and all that type of business.

And… I wish I had something more interesting to say besides running through my never-ending to-do list. But that is what is on my mind and I wanted to be sure to post something since it has been so long. If you are still with me despite the lame content: thanks. I will try to be more entertaining later. But for now the end of term is wrapping up and sinking in… Yay. Pub, anyone?

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