The end

After a few weeks of silence I am back to say… good bye! I leave in less than two days and am in the middle of packing at the moment. But perhaps that is getting ahead of things here. After all, what have I been up to in the weeks since the end of term? Admittedly not too much. I have been to London a few times and seen some museums and markets. I have been lingering at home and making plans with people for when I get back to Tampa. One night I went to formal dinner at Christ Church and had the opportunity to wear a gown my mom shipped to me. One day I took a trip to neighboring Woodstock to see the fabulous Blenheim Palace. And… that’s kind of it. Below are a few pictures for your amusement.


This is my in the Christ Church dining hall in the aforementioned gown. It came from southern Thailand and I have not had occasion to wear it yet… until now!


London at night. Oo ahh. I took this after attending an evening service in Westminster Abbey. The goal was to see the main room for free, but the service was held in a small side room. But from there one could still hear the choir practicing while the service was conducted, which was pretty cool.


This is the road leading up to Blenheim Palace. The day we (my friend Khristian and I) went it was incredibly foggy. The fog lasted all day, save for an hour in the afternoon. It was rather eerie but made for a unique experience of the palace.



This is a picture of just one corner of the palace. You really need a panoramic photo to do the place justice. Think Versailles but on a (much) smaller scale. Still, it was very impressive.


And I will end this blog with a heavily filtered image of a statue in the gardens of Blenheim Palace gesturing toward the sunset. Fitting, no? Thanks for reading, happy holidays, and wish me a safe flight home!

2 thoughts on “The end

  1. What a wonderful experience. Thanks for letting us come along on the journey. Safe travels my love. Will see you in a few hours. Love, Mommy XXXO


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