Wednesday, January 13, 2016: A Day in the Life

There was nothing terribly special about this day, so there is no real reason why I decided to break it down like this. However, it has been a long time since I blogged and a) I am easing myself back into the writing habit with an easy exercise and b) I didn’t know where to start with catching up.

Below is a blow-by-blow account of my day that is probably not of interest to anyone except my mother and father. If nothing else it serves as an answer to the question “What have you been up to?” since most (school)days follow a similar format…

04:36 – Wake up to the amplified voice of the muezzin rousing the faithful for sholat subuh [morning prayer].
05:07 – Actually get out of bed after the third alarm.
05:45 – Listen to “Dekat di Hati” by RAN on repeat while washing my hair.
06:33 – Have last swig of coffee before running out the door.
06:47 – Arrive at school.
06:49 – Greet fellow teachers with smiles and cheerful cries of Selamat pagi! Good morning!
07:02 – Teachers assemble in the new ruang guru [teachers’ room] for the daily morning meeting. Ibu Kun (SMA3’s headmistress) makes announcements and reminds teachers to be cautious of things they post on Facebook.
07:21 – Meeting is dismissed six minutes overtime.
08:04 – Pak Yudhis, a history teacher, comes over to my desk to talk about weather in Chicago, teaching strategies, cost of living in the U.S., and different attitudes in Indonesia and the U.S. towards young people working part-time while still in school. Pak Yudhis and I have many such discussions that range between any and every topic.
08:46 – Walk with Ibu Isnaini to Class X MIPA 2.
08:47 – Students in Class X MIPA 2 laugh because we are at the wrong classroom. Students continue working on their art project, decorating plastic water bottle with felt to turn them into festive flowerpots.
08:48 – Arrive at Class X MIPA 3, the correct class. Ibu Isnaini: “Good morning students! How are you today?” Students in unison: “I am fine and you?” Ibu Isnaini: “As you look we are very well. Are you ready for studying English?” Students, enthusiastically: “Yes!” Ibu Isnaini: “Okay attention I will call you. Adinda…”
08:58 – My heart swells with joy as every student has done their homework (finishing writing a postcard in past tense about a fictional trip to Thailand) and is ready to present what they wrote to the class. Not only that, but the students in this class remain quiet and listen respectfully as their classmates present. I am delighted.
10:02 – Class X MIPA 3 successfully completes Simple Past Tense: Affirmative/Negative/Interrogative sentence writing activity. With less than 15 minutes left of class, I decide to introduce a game that will prompt them to practice speaking and using past tense.

My sweet, wonderful students in Class X MIPA 3. ❤

10:08 – Students remain confused. I thank them for their patience and promise a better explanation next week.
10:16 – Return to ruang guru.
10:31 – Struggle to find material for “Recount Text,” the topic of our first unit for which I must make a practice test that the students will do next week during class since Ibu Isnaini and I will be in Jakarta for AMINEF’s mid-year conference.
10:37 – Fellow teachers get speakers and a microphone going and commence with the karaoke. I am amused and tempted to join. I also contemplate cultural differences; namely that spontaneous karaoke would pretty much never happen in teachers’ lounges in the States.
11:20 – Take a break from finding “Recount Text” materials. Decide to do exercises in Bahasa Indonesia workbook.
11:31 – Pak Elvan informs me that my new clothes are ready at the tailor. I ask permission to leave school temporarily to get my clothes. Permission granted.
11:44 – Leave school to go to the tailor. Answer questions from students in Class X MIPA 2 who are playing basketball at the court next to the teachers’ parking area.
12:02 – Get 750,000 rupiah from the ATM.
12:09 – Try on new clothes… Lookin’ good. Spend almost all of the still-warm-from-the-ATM money on some snazzy new threads.

When I return to the States, I might wear this to a job interview instead of the standard black on black attire. 

12:38 – Return to school and new clothes are appraised by fellow teachers. Ibu Isnaini and I agree to wear matching outfits (she has a skirt made of the same batik) on Friday.
12:43 – Eat lunch of rice and stir-fried veggies that I brough from home. Five different teachers comment on my cooking and observe me eating.
13:16 – Go to Class X MIPA 2: take 2. This time we are not mistaken. MIPA 2 are well-behaved angels and quick with their work. Students like this make teaching a joy.
14:46 – All teachers assemble for daily afternoon meeting. Teachers are reminded to wear white batik the following day.
14:56 – Pulang!! [Go home!]
15:14 – Pass by a gaggle of neighborhood children near my house. They recognize me and call a combination of “Miss!” and “Kelly!” I feel some warm fuzzies and think of how endearing it is that almost everyone calls me “Miss.” At first this felt overly formal, but I have come to realize that Indonesians call each other by titles/relationships like this too. Since I happen to be a foreigner, they call me Miss instead of whatever else they might call a fellow Indonesian.
15:18 – Stop at the tailor behind my house to collect a batik shirt that needed a little modification. The batik is white with a black pattern and it was given to me for my birthday. It will be worn for the first time tomorrow.
15:31 – Arrive at home. Strip down to my skivvies by peeling of sweat-soaked clothes, layer by layer.
15:33 – MANDI!! [Shower!!]
15:56 – Turn on A/C and get comfortable in bedroom.
16:00 – Start watching TED Talks, though feel like I should be doing lesson planning/blogging/something more productive.
16:58 – Fall asleep. Meanwhile Caitlin plays badminton with the neighbors and we are given a bunch of bananas by another neighbor. One of the many small acts of kindness toward us that we receive weekly.
18:05 – Wake up.
18:21 – Motivate to do lesson planning.
18:23 – Sit down at kitchen table and start to lesson plan for real.
18:37 – Realize that the materials I need to finish the lesson plan are still at school. Decide that it was not meant to be this evening.
18:43 – Futz around on my tablet… Start making this post. Prime another post on Indonesiaful. Chat with Caitlin.
19:21 – Complain of hunger and laziness to go out and buy food (since we are out of most everything except bread and eggs).
20:00 – Friends Moses and Ikhsan ask if we are home and if they can bring us food. We say of course they can come over and ask for nasi goreng [fried rice]. I marvel at their impeccable timing and ESP.
20:29 – Moses and Ikhsan arrive bearing food and smiles.
20:34 – Dig into the food while chatting and listening to music.
21:09 – Continue typing this post while watching YouTube videos of funny commercials.
22:03 – Friends say good-bye. Do dishes.
22:41 – Keep typing with frequent texting breaks.
23:33 – Almost done! Let’s get this thing posted already…

2 thoughts on “Wednesday, January 13, 2016: A Day in the Life

  1. Hi there. Not a bad day in the life of Miss Kelly. You are so engaged with the people. You are a wonderful ambassador. Thanks for the blow by blow. Love it and Love you! Dad

    Liked by 1 person

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