Fourth of July in ‘Nam

Happy Fourth of July! Who would have thought that only forty years later an American would happily and peacefully be spending this holiday here? Circumstances change, that’s for sure. I am still in the lovely town of Hoi An, which is on a river and has a pedestrian-only old quarter that is simply charming. I rented a bicycle today and did some exploring. The beach is only five kilometers away (about three miles) so I went there to write postcards and drink from a coconut. And I finally had jackfruit today! I have seen jackfruits for sale on the side of the road from behind bus windows – so close and yet so far! Today at least I was successful. 

In the afternoon, I tooled around the old quarter hunting for guacamole. Avocados are common here, and I saw guac on a menu yesterday, which put the idea in my head. Lo and behold I was able to find some at the riverfront. Not quite guac on the dock, but I was close enough to the docks and was entertained by people loading their bicycles and scooters on to ferries bound for who knows where. I have a couple more days here so perhaps I will take the ferry just to see where it goes.

Hm I felt like I had so much to write during the day but the wind seems to have gone out of my sails. I did, however, upload more pictures and will be posting them either tonight or soon for your viewing pleasure. 

I hope the fireworks are fab this year!

3 thoughts on “Fourth of July in ‘Nam

  1. Happy 4th of July! I’m looking forward to those photos and will be better at keeping up with your adventures from now on. Miss you bunches!


  2. Happy forth Kelly. We had an enjoyable day with the uncles Dave. Saw the big band in the park. Fireworks on the lake are Saturday, though there were plenty yesterday. Thinking of you , love Dad


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