Side Trip to Salavan…?

Okay so I just spent the last three hours typing a long, thoughtful post about my last four days in Salavan province and the adventures I had there. And… it looks like despite all my attempts at saving while typing, all my writing (except for the title) somehow got lost in transition. Maybe tomorrow they will appear when I try from another server, but at the moment outlook is grim. It sucks when this happens.

Since I am not up for another three hours of typing the same stuff, let it suffice to say that the bus trip there and back was long (no potty breaks again), the waterfalls in the village of Tad Lo were beautiful, and I had some exciting moments trekking in the rice fields and jungles around said waterfall. And it was nice to speak English with other foreigners in the village.

There, three hours of writing summarized in less than a minute. Ba humbug.

On a brighter note, my debit card is currently in Laos and should hopefully be in my hands by tomorrow, meaning I can finally move along with my travels. Fingers crossed and best wishes to FedEx.

One thought on “Side Trip to Salavan…?

  1. Kelly, I feel so bad for you. Major bumps in the road. Time to return to the land of smiles…baw ben yang.
    Stay safe, eat well, love always. Dad


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