So long Savannakhet…

… is what I would like to say. Unfortunately, I am still “stuck” here indefinitely, at least until my new card arrives. According to the FedEx tracker, it is in Laos, but who knows how much longer it will take to reach me.

As I have said before, Savannakhet/Laos in general is not the worst place to be stuck, but the fact that I am stuck in the first place is what has me a tad rankled. Sure, I like reading, sleeping, eating, and wandering around town as much as the next person, but there is more that I would like to do and much more to this country. I don’t mind slow travel (I would actually prefer to take my time and tend to work rather slowly anyway) but I would at least like to be on the move. When this damn card finally gets here, there will be much celebration and I will be on the first bus out of here. After all, I have less than a month left until this adventure is over. Times moves on, and I am ready to move with it.

One thought on “So long Savannakhet…

  1. Hi Kelly,
    I say hit the road, not looking good that your new card will come. Let your adventure continue. Bank can always issue a new card. Peace. Love, Mom XXXO


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